Piecing Together…

Community Exhibition Space at Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn (9th April to 5th May 2019)
Image details: 
Piecing Together…4, repurposed wallpaper remnants, repurposed beaded trim, threads, paperclay, collage, etching and repurposed foam 50.5 x 42.5cm (dimensions variable)   

Piecing Together… is Katherine’s second solo exhibition recently held at the Community Exhibition space, Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn following on from Obscuring the [not so] obvious… in 2015.  

This exhibition explores decoration as art and art as decoration by abstracting visual motifs, colours, patterns and textures found in interiors and textiles.

Through the collage of repurposed materials and mixed media, Katherine Marmaras examines how decoration and interiors evoke childhood memories and transport us to a place in our past which may have been ‘home’ or another place familiar and loved.